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I'm Taylor Cressy

a software engineer based in Los Angeles, California.

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I'm Taylor Cressy, a Software Engineer.

I help build solutions that scale to meet the demands of complex enterprise requirements. I dabble in every part of the tech stack. From building out large distributed & realtime systems that process petabytes worth of data - to building responsive UIs that are visited by millions of customers daily. Chances are if you got a problem - I got a solution.

I decided to build this site as a kind of creative outlet. A way to manage a full end-to-end suite of services & infrastructure. Everything you see (and don't see) is bespoke. And it's primary purpose is to keep me entertained. It's a place for me to learn new things or to work on things I just generally find interesting. If you see something you like, be sure to reach out 😁

What I Do?

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

From realtime ingestion pipelines to massive batch-based systems that process petabytes worth of data. I build out systems that are able to scale to just about any business needs. I am a huge fan of Apache's Spark.

Service Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture

Can't work in the backend without knowing how to build a proper RESTful API! I have worked with a variety of backend frameworks to help build out microservices at scale. I am a huge fan of Spring.

Machine Learning Engineering

Machine Learning Engineering

I have spent a large portion of my professional career designing and implementing platforms that allow data scientists to build their models at speed.

System Design

System Design

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a software engineer is seeing an architecture go from concept to reality. I have had the opportunity to build many complex systems that solve for scale!

Front End Development

Front End Development

While I spend most of my professional time in the backend, I love dabbling in all parts of the stack. My first jobs were actually in the front end and I still like to keep up to date with the cutting edge for this space. I am a huge fan of React.

Dev Ops

Dev Ops

Probably the skill set that my peers know least about. Almost a guilty pleasure. If you aren't automating it, are you really doing it correctly?


My Experience

Software Engineer

Woodland Hills, California

I have worn many hats here at Intuit. Quality engineer, data engineer, machine learning engineer - you name it! I work on highly sensitive, mission critical financial applications here, you should ask me about it!

Lead Front End Developer

Richmond, London

This is where I learned how the concept of "delivering fast". We were responsible for delivering dozens of bespoke web applications with responsive front ends to small businesses in record time. We primarily worked in PHP and did a bunch of iOS / Android dev as well.

Front End Developer & DevOps


A humble beginning to my career, ACE is a charity that aimed to promote sustainable living. I aided them in building out their internal backend infrastructure as well as their public facing frontend.

My Education

Software Engineering

Kingston University London
London, UK

Nestled in the beautiful hills of Ventura, California - I got the opportunity with some amazing minds in Computer Science. Graduating with a 4.0 I got to work on some amazing projects that bootstrapped my career. My final-year project was a 3D "Rat Maze" built in raw Open GL ES that demonstrated a rat learning how to find its cheese! It was a simulation of Neurosolver.

Computer Science

California State University Channel Islands
Ventura, California

Ah good ol' London. I spent three years living abroad in the beginning of my career. From here I got my a masters in software engineer where really started to introduce me to the enterprise world of the profession. Graduating top of my class, my dissertation was focused on the prevalence of commerce and trade in the enterprise world of software and how it could be propelled going forward. The dissertation was accompanied by an implementation of the thesis that I called it TradeRoom.

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